When was the last time you had time for each other? When did you put away the phone and your worries and just were there? Happy, free, together?
Treat yourself to a few days of a holiday, you deserve it. Třeboň and these apartments will be the best choice for you.

Studio apartments


One-bedroom apartments


This stage was initiated with the intention of providing not only accommodation, but mainly experiences. When it was completed in 2022 and the first guests had the opportunity to try out the apartments, we knew the plan worked.
In the interiors, every detail was thought out, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

This place is worth coming back. That is the only way to discover the original charm of each apartment.

The apartments are fully equipped with top-notch features including air conditioning and exterior roller shutters that allow you to enjoy complete darkness.

Imagine coming back from a day’s cycling trip. You take a refreshing shower, wrap yourself in a soft towel, pull out chilled fine wine from the fridge on your way from the bathroom and sit down on the terrace. You look out into the woods, the trees are swaying, the birds are singing, and the freshly cut grass smells amazing. And you are just taking in the world that has always been there, you just haven’t had time to observe it.
Do you like that scene?
Well, come visit us, we have already scripted it for you.