Spa Park, AURORA Spa, Třeboň Water and Sauna World

Step out of your apartment and head straight to the Aurora Spa Park, just a few minutes away.

This expansive and beautiful park is framed by the glistening surface of the Svět Fishpond.

The spa has a long-standing history in Třeboň and you can still enjoy its healing powers today. At the Aurora Spa, you can indulge in a variety of treatments, with local fen being the miracle. Fen is a type of peat renowned for its miraculous effects. Whether in a wrap or a bath, its warm and soothing properties provide an incredibly pleasant experience.

Beyond fen and traditional spa treatments, Aurora also offers a modern sauna and pool world for your relaxation.

Historic Centre of Třeboň

Třeboň’s historic centre, an urban landmark preservation area, spreads around the Masaryk Square. The square is surrounded by townhouses featuring unique Renaissance and Baroque gables.

While the House at the White Horse is particularly noteworthy, make sure not to miss other sights. The Old Town Hall provides a wonderful view of the surrounding area. It is no surprise, as the tower is 31 metres tall.
You can discover the legacy of Josef Štěpánek Netolický, one of the most renowned Czech fishpond cultivation experts, by visiting his house featuring a permanent exhibition showcasing his remarkable work.

Just steps away from the square, you’ll find the entrance to the château and its expansive park. Did you know this is the fourth largest château complex in the Czech Republic?

To see more, take a guided tour. A tour of not just the château but the entire town. These tours are exciting, offering far more than just boring facts.

Svět Fishpond

Are you tempted to go around the World? Come to Třeboň, where you will have the World aka the Svět Fishpond at your feet.

A beautiful nature trail, which is 12 kilometres long, runs along it.
However, the pond itself offers much more.

On the north side, you’ll find a spacious beach, while the south side features Ostende, a quaint swimming spot with a charming pub.
The view of the sunset from here is simply magnificent.
You can rent paddleboards, punts, and pedal boats, or enjoy the scenery from the deck of a tour boat.

With so many options, the whole World is truly at your disposal.

Unusual attractions for all ages

In Třeboň, a visit to the aquarium showcasing freshwater fish is a must, along with exploring a small wooden zoo and the fun of crooked mirrors.
If you or your children enjoy the optical illusions, you can also head to the square where a mirror maze awaits.

You are also invited to come see miniature trains and railway tracks at a permanent exhibition. Active tourists should visit the Activity Park, a versatile sports complex featuring scooter, bike, and skate tracks, trampolines, climbing elements, and a skate park.

Schwarzenberg Tomb

The Schwarzenberg Tomb, a prominent neo-Gothic structure on the southeast side of the Svět Fishpond, is a defining landmark of Třeboň.

Built between 1874 and 1877, it serves as the final resting place for 27 members of the Schwarzenberg family, and every year, a memorial mass is held for this family in the chapel. Guided tours, concerts, and cultural events take place in the area throughout the year.

Bohemia Regent Brewery

With a brewing tradition in Třeboň dating back over 600 years, this brewery stands as one of Central Europe’s oldest. They say practice makes perfect, so you’ll certainly fall in love with beer from the Bohemia Regent Brewery.

Take a guided tour to witness the craft of local brewers firsthand or a candlelit evening tour. If you prefer to make sure it is worth it beforehand, pick up the exclusive Four Seasons edition of Regent beer at our reception.


Around the World

The fishpond´s name Svět means the World, and hence only in Třeboň you can embark on a trip around the World and be back in time for dinner. So, get going. This scenic twelve-kilometre loop winds through fields, forest paths, along pond dams, in the shade of the oaks and around wetlands.

As it is designed exclusively for pedestrians, you can enjoy the tranquillity without worrying about cyclists. Trust us, you will love it.

Dunajovice Hill

Interested in a unique view of Třeboň?
This will be the right place for you. Embark on this seven-kilometre hike to the highest point of the Třeboň Basin, offering stunning panoramic views of Třeboň in all its splendour.

Along the way, discover a hidden flooded quarry nestled amidst the wooded slopes, perfect for recreational fishing. Just remember to bring your permits.

Peat Trail in the Červené Blato National Nature Reserve

The centuries-old history of the spa industry of Třeboň is based on peat with its miraculous effects. Peat is still abundant in the area. Take the opportunity to witness pristine peat. A five-kilometre trail has been built through the national reserve, winding along paved wooden paths between marshland.

Naděje Pond System

Naděje (Hope), Skutek (Action), Víra (Faith), Láska (Love) a Dobrá vůle (Goodwill)

We are not talking about what everyone should have in life, but about five beautiful ponds that deservedly bear such names.
The Naděje Pond System is one of the most remarkable natural sites in the Třeboň region and is located about 20 minutes by car from Třeboň. It was designed by Jakub Krčín from Kelčany. Whether you choose to explore all of them or just a few, the views will never cease to captivate you. The dams are lined with old oaks, birches, alders, and willows, offering picturesque sights in every season.

Theresa Valley

You may have to drive to this area as it is located approximately thirty kilometres from Třeboň. But it is the most sough-after area in the Gratzen Mountains. In this English forest park, you can wander along a seven-kilometre trail that winds past twelve enchanting spots, including a waterfall.

Borkovice Marshland

Enjoy the 5.5-kilometre nature trail featuring 31 stops in the northernmost peat bogs. Experience its unique flora and fauna. Close your eyes and imagine the scene. It is spring, white blossoms of wild rosemary and their captivating scent are all around you. It is summer, the sun is shining, and the golden leaves of bladderwort are glittering around you. It is autumn, it is a bit colder, but the air is crisp, and you can marvel at the endless pillows of moss covered with vibrant red beads of mooseberry.


Around Třeboň

Start with the obvious choice. Less than forty kilometres where you will discover everything this area offers, what makes it both typical and unique.
This circuit winds through cycle paths, forest and field trails, quiet side paths, with only brief stretches on the road.
Think of it as your first date with Třeboň where you will discover all its beauty and charm.

Rožmberk Nature Trail

Don’t miss out on visiting the largest pond in the country.
The trail begins in Třeboň at the Svět Fishpond dam near the statue of Jakub Krčín and ends in Stará Hlína. It is 16 kilometres long, featuring 9 stops. Make sure to allocate ample time for the dam itself. It captivates everyone, both engineering enthusiasts with its unique mechanics and everyone else with its beautiful surroundings. It makes for a romantic scenery. Trees, birds, the sounds of water, and reeds.

Emmy Destinn Trail

This is a 48-kilometre trail with ten stops. It winds through the region, visiting the very places Emmy Destinn cherished the most. Honouring her legacy, this trail offers a journey through the areas that held a special place in her heart during her time in Třeboň. So try living like Emmy Destinn for a day.

Červená Lhota Château

If you are coming here for a truly active holiday or to test your own limits, you should not miss this route. It is forty kilometres there and forty kilometres back, but the destination is definitely worth it. This place is more than its striking red colour. It is also the filming location for numerous fairy tales.
You can explore both the interior and exterior of the Červená Lhota Château, including views from a boat like Goldilocks from the surrounding pond.


Český Krumlov

“It is as beautiful as Krumlov itself,” says the famous quote. But those, who have never been to Krumlov, may not understand it. Windy aisles, picturesque townhouse gables, the Vltava River, a castle, a château, romantic hideaway corners, culture, cafés, atmosphere, that is Krumlov, and you should not miss it.


From Třeboň, you can venture to several zoos to see animals. Every zoo is different, but you will love them all, as they offer a wonderful experience for animal lovers of all ages.
The closest zoos include Hrádeček Zoo, Dvorec Zoo, and Safari Resort in Hluboká u Borovan, where you can even view animals from a hot air balloon.

Lipno Area

They say that at Lipno the season never ends. Regardless of when you visit us, consider a trip to Lipno. It is the perfect place for families with children because the attractions and activities are endless. Sightseeing cruises, treetop trails, swimming, playgrounds, concerts, restaurants, and sports.

Rainy days

While Třeboň caters primarily to nature and sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of indoor attractions nearby. In Třeboň and the surrounding areas, you can explore museums, exhibitions and landmarks that can be your back-up plan for rainy days.
The Veteran Car Museum in Nová Bystřice, which is full of American veteran cars, the Salt Baths along the Austrian border, the Marshland Forge and the Puppet Museum in the nearby town of Záluží, Peklomania in Borovany and many other magical places.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with your schedule.